Physical fitness – Why you urgently need to move your butt

Did you know that well over 80% of our entire society lacks physical fitness? Most likely, you do know at least one person or more people that fall into this category.

Basically, the average person struggles in terms of fitness and health because they LACK self discipline. Isn´t it annoying to see how some people have outstanding health while you are struggling on overweight or following a diet that literally kills you? Well, should be obvious that you need a change.

Believe it or not but you can have your ideal physical fitness

Physical fitness is something that everyone can have, and it is something that everyone needs. Lack of fitness is more often than not the result for a frustrated, and lazy life. It´s been stated that people who are fit tend to be a lot more successful than people who aren´t. Those who think that physical fitness doesn´t matter are plainly wrong.

If you look at our biggest idols, most successful entrepreneurs and people who really made a difference you will figure out that they invested a hell lot of time into their physical fitness. What is the difference between those people and you? Is it luck, is it their parents, is it their skin color, is it their gender, or maybe their spouse? No, it´s what they do with their physical fitness!

Why you need both physical fitness and mental fitness

There is no such thing as physical fitness without the mental abilities to focus well, stay disciplined, eat the right kind of food, exercise daily, etc.

Did you know that 80% of any top physical fitness is the result of mental stability and programming? There is no way you nor I are ever going to be physically fit, if we are unwilling to accept the conditions and things we need to do in order to get there.

Not just you, but everyone else who wants to enjoy and consume amazing physical fitness needs to focus on his mindset first.

Physical fitnessHere is how most people do it and how you shouldn´t do it: When most people start off with their own physical fitness program, their workout methods, or sports program they try to accomplish everything in the first few days. They start training really hard because they think that this is the key. However, nothing could be further from the truth; Continue physical fitness can only be reached if you are willing to give it continues, and personal input. There is no such thing as working hard on your health for a couple of days, and then believing that when you stop your great health sustains.

Think about the key reasons WHY you want to be healthy. If your WHY is big enough and your willingness to achieving your why is there, you are most certainly going to stay consistent with your daily actions. On the other hand, if your why is not big enough you will most likely quit.

What you can do to improve your physical fitness

Without a doubt, you also want to know what it is that you can do to reach optimal physical fitness.

Basically, sports such as soccer, basketball, ice hockey, badminton, ping pong, etc. are great to reach your goals with other people.

If you want to accomplish that goal by yourself and are looking for single sports, going to the gym, jogging, and swimming seem to be the best choices.

Of course, you need to get involved with activities that you personally enjoy. Passion for what you do is going to help you a lot to stay consistent!

Are you ready to improve your physical fitness today?

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