What precisely the gambling addiction can do to you

The gambling addiction is a massive problem all throughout the world. This article is structured in 4 parts: Summary, why people get into gambling, the logical consequences, and what you can do about it.

The summary of gambling addiction

Around 5% of the entire population of the United States suffers from the gambling addiction. Under the term gambling we see a person risking his or her money for high but unlikely gain. It is considered as putting one´s luck to play with very little chance of winning.

Most certainly, under gambling addictions we mean playing slot machines, playing black jack, playing roulette and many other casino games. Nowadays, well over 15 million Americans take the risk of gambling to make themselves feel better, escape from their problems, and hope that they will win large amounts of money.

gambling addiction

Gambling addiction – Why do people get into gambling in the first place?

It is true, that all of us are living in a busy, hectic, and sometimes exhausted world. Problems in job, family, relationship and finances can lead to stress, mental pain, and illnesses.

The main reason why people get into the gambling are:

  • They want to escape from their problems
  • They want to make themselves feel better
  • They want to put their money to work and hope for their luck

Gambling addiction facts:

Just because there are problems in job, finances, or relationship doesn´t mean that a person has to risk his financial well being for unlikely gains.

Running away from one´s problem is not the solution or way to solve problems. In fact, the best way to solve issues is to directly face them and ask yourself questions like:

What exactly is the problem in this case?

What do I need to do to solve this issue?

How can I make sure that I won´t make the same mistake in the future again?

And, and, and..

Also, the gambling addiction is no help in terms of making someone feel better. Of course, gambling brings a lot of pleasure in the moment, but when a person loses his entire salary in an hour or two, one will feel even worse about himself.

Putting one´s money to work for such unlikely gains is known as excessive risk taking and can lead to more damages than just losing money.

Gambling addiction – Logical consequences

Like everything else in life, the gambling addiction has bad to catastrophic results; some of them being:

1)  One loses a lot, most or even all of his money (some people even take credit, borrow money, or go into debt to gamble)

2)  Becoming mentally ill to a point where a person starts stealing money, committing to crime, etc.

3)  Losing a spouse, a job, friends, and even one´s own life


It is more than a proven fact that the gambling addiction not only leads to losing money, but it can have bad effects that can entirely destroy one´s well being.

Losing any of the above stated points in one´s life is a very painful, annoying, and catastrophic process.

Gambling addiction – How to solve issues and become happy again

The first thing that you need to make sure is that you understand that risking your financial health for unlikely gains is not the way to solve any problems in life.

Getting rid of the gambling addiction is not something that happens over night. In fact, the gambling addiction is a habit, and yes it is a bad habit.

The best thing you can do is to get rid of this bad habit slowly but steadily, and with time you will become less addicted to gambling.

You need to realize WHY you want to stop with gambling. Most likely, the reasons why you want to stop with taking painful risks are because you can do better things to make yourself feel better.

Once you become less and less hooked, start with new things that bring more joy into your life, you will look back and will be happy that you made this decision!

We hope our review page about the gambling addiction has opened the eyes of a lot of people!

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