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Practical tips for increasing workplace productivity today

When you put your focus on increasing workplace productivity you can get a lot more done than most people do. Basically, we are talking about managing your environment, focus, and resources in a way so that you are more present and focused. Below are highly effective ideas that can help you to create your own [...]

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Hard work – Why it is your ultimate weapon for peak performance

Why do most people think and believe that hard work is something that is not worth going for, because they refer to it as the tough and harsh work? The truth is that people who work hard in the right way will get rewarded for doing so, while people who are not taking on the [...]

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smart goal setting

How smart goal setting works for you

This review page about smart goal setting is here to offer tips for people who desperately want to achieve their dreams in life. Take the time and effort to study our material. Smart goal setting – What it is If you are outside on the streets, and ask 100 people about their goals in life [...]

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smart goals

Smart goals – What they are and how to achieve them

Setting and accomplishing smart goals is the key reason why so few people live life to their fullest potential. It has been said that setting big, major, challenging, and worthy goals is worth more than having thousand tiny goals. What are smart goals? Basically, smart stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Yes, the [...]

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What precisely the gambling addiction can do to you

The gambling addiction is a massive problem all throughout the world. This article is structured in 4 parts: Summary, why people get into gambling, the logical consequences, and what you can do about it. The summary of gambling addiction Around 5% of the entire population of the United States suffers from the gambling addiction. Under [...]

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The inherent power of the mindset

Have you ever thought about your own mindset? For those who are not familiar with the term mindset yet, we will give a brief introduction right now. Under mindset we understand the state of mind, the mental conditions, and the brain energy that a person creates and uses throughout the day. Scientific research has proven [...]

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Setting Goals

Why you have no other choice, but to start setting goals

Under setting goals we understand the process of careful visualization, and strict planning of goals that an individual wants to accomplish in his future. Nowadays, more people than ever before focus on setting goals, try their best to lay out a solid plan for their future, and ultimately sacrifice themselves to achieve what they desire. [...]

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how to achieve goals

How to achieve goals today

How to achieve goals in the most effective and fastest way? That is one out of many questions that lots of people tend to ask. Literally, they are hungry for success and want to know how to achieve goals on their own. Are you ready for learning how to make your dreams come true? How [...]

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Addictions – The stone cold reality behind certain dependencies

Basically, under addictions we understand dependency on certain substances that are perceived as negative. Of course, there are positive and negative addictions, especially in our current society. The stone cold truth is that people smoke, drink or get on drugs to make them feel better and escape from their problems. Under addiction we also understand [...]

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Life Goals

Life goals: Live life to your fullest potential!

Life goals play a massive part in terms of achievement and living a life that is worth living. Because you opened up this article, I most certainly assume that your intention is to live a BETTER life in all areas. People who think that life goals are unnecessary and are not really helping them are [...]

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